We offer Lawn Service, Mowing, Landscaping, Aeration, Aeration & Seeding, Leaf Service in Midlothian, Western Chesterfield, Western Henrico | Virginia
We offer Lawn Service, Mowing, Landscaping, Aeration, Aeration & Seeding, Leaf Service in Midlothian, Western Chesterfield, Western HenricoLawn Service Midlothian, Mowing Midlothian, Landscaping Midlothian, Aeration Midlothian, Aeration & Seeding Midlothian, Leaf Service Midlothian, Lawn Service Chesterfield, Mowing Chesterfield, Landscaping Chesterfield, Aeration Chesterfield, Aeration & Seeding Chesterfield, Leaf Service Chesterfield, Lawn Service Henrico, Mowing Henrico, Landscaping Henrico, Aeration Henrico, Aeration & Seeding Henrico, Leaf Service Henrico, Virginia
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Aeration enhances seed germination – its much easier for new grass to grow in the fresh plug holes the aeration leaves behind, which allows for seed to come into contact with the most fertile soil possible for quick growth.


Trimming your bushes and shrubs keeps them healthy. It allows more light to come in contact with the plant which promotes growth and overall health of the plant. Trimming also rids the plants of dead or diseased branches that would hinder the growth.


Regularly cutting your lawn promotes healthy growth. It also keeps living creatures from nesting in your yard – some undesired creatures love tall grass, by keeping your grass short it prevents them from using your home space as their home space!


Proper irrigation is a key element in obtaining and maintaining a vibrant property. We can service your irrigation needs!

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We can do many different projects! From creating retaining walls, paver patios, firepits, walking paths to so much more.


Managing your leaves promotes a healthy yard by allowing sunlight to shine on your lawn.


Mulching helps weed control by shutting out sunlight that would otherwise encourage weed growth.

property cleaned up


One of the most common a la carte jobs we perform is a property cleanup.

We Service the Following Counties of Eastern Virginia

Amelia Henrico
Charles City Hopewell
Chesterfield New Kent
Colonial Heights Petersburg
Dinwiddie Powhatan
Goochland Prince George
Hanover Richmond


We are a family owned and operated business. We live here in Central/Eastern VA and have a passion for landscaping and customer service. Our goal is to grow across the area and provide top level service to as many folks as possible!

We take pride in treating each property like it’s our own! We listen to our customer needs and try to find the best solution for their problem while being mindful of their budget.

We want to thank you so much for visiting our site and would ask you to please consider us for anything you may need done at your property or business also if you could pass our name along to your family and friends that would mean so much to us. Thank You!

You can reach us using any of the following contact information:

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BRIAN HOLT – OWNER (804-898-1024)
JOSH HOWARD – OWNER (804-898-5706)

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